Kevin Beauchamp

Director, Physical Planning
  • Long Range Development Plan
  • Land Use Plans
  • Site and New Facility Evaluations
  • California Environmental Quality Act

Tammy Chan

Senior Planner, Physical Planning
  • LRDP
  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Study
  • Transportation-related project coordination
  • CEQA coordination

Craig Culver

Assistant III, Campus Planning
  • Office support
  • Database management
  • Desktop support for department

Cara Fladd

Director, Space & Capital Planning
  • Ten-Year Capital Financial Plan and Annual Update for State-Funded Capital Improvements
  • Liaison with UCOP on approvals of capital projects
  • Staff to UCSF Space Committee and Space Subcommittee
  • Space Requests, Analyses, and Studies

Paul Franke

Senior Planner, Physical Planning
  • LRDP
  • Campus demographics
  • Sustainability
  • Campus Planning Website
  • Campus Signage

Joy Glasier

Senior Planner, Physical Planning
  • LRDP
  • Site and landscape studies
  • Planning for campus housing, child care, parking, circulation and open space

Ritesh Khanna

Director, Space Analytics
  • Develop, Maintain and Implement Space Management System and related tools
  • Reporting and Space related Analytics for decision support
  • Maintains official space database of record for UCOP reporting
  • Integration of Space Management System with other enterprise wide applicationsĀ 

Lisa Lettau

Business System Analyst, Space Analytics
  • Maintain and support UCSF Campus Space Management System
  • Reporting (canned and ad-hoc requests) and data analytics
  • Support existing and establish new standards for Space Data
  • Training and communications for end users

Paula McQuillan

Business Manager, Campus Planning
  • Budget & Finance, Fund management
  • Oversight of support staff
  • HR liaison
  • Office operations

Bob Pizzi

Space Analytics Specialist
  • Space Inventory Maintenance & Coordination
  • Liaison with Capital Programs/Real Estate-CAD Database Operations

Sharon Priest

Senior Educational Facility Planner, Space & Capital Planning
  • Planner for Laurel Heights & MCB space initiatives
  • Planner for Mission Bay Research Building (Block 23A)
  • Staff to UCSF Space Committee and Space Sub-Committee
  • Space Requests, Analyses, and Studies
  • Approval documentation for campus and Medical Center capital projects

Diane Wong

Principal Planner, Physical Planning
  • CEQA Coordinator
  • LRDP

Kimberly Woo

Assistant III, Campus Planning
  • Office support
  • Assistant to AVC, Campus Planning

Lori Yamauchi

Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Planning
  • Oversight of Campus Planning activity
  • Coordination with other FAS Units
  • Direct Report to SVC Finance and Administration