What We Do

The Space Analytics team is responsible for the data management of the UCSF inventory of 10 million square feet of owned and leased space. We maintain the space database of record at UCSF, utilizing Archibus as our Space Management System. The space inventory database is the primary source for UCSF’s facilities inventory and is provided to the University of California Office of the President annually where the data is then merged into the UC Corporate Equipment and Facilities system. Archibus is a sophisticated system for managing and tracking the physical spaces in a building and its associated data – rooms, room use, occupant, department assignment, etc. UCSF Health tracks and manages space for Medical Center, hospitals and associated buildings where UCSF Health occupied owned and leased spaces.

Working with our department Space Coordinators, Strategists, and other department personnel, we conduct physical space audits to ensure tabular and graphical database accuracy and consistency: The Space Analytics team maintains a wide range of space data in Archibus, which can be analyzed and summarized in various reports for decision making.

  • Building details such as CAAN (Capital Asset and Accounting Number commonly known as Building Codes), building names, addresses, buildings by site, and gross floor/building square footage totals
  • Room details such as departments assignment and percentages, room types/uses (e.g. research lab, office, support functions, etc. ), station counts, room occupants and loan details
  • Ad-hoc or custom reports on selected spatial database fields can be produced to help you analyze current space utilization

For more information on the Archibus Space Management System, how to request access to the System, training, and FAQs, please click here or email us at [email protected].