What We Do

Capital planners assist campus clients with the planning of large major capital projects, including new construction and renovations.

Construction and Renovation Policies
Definitions, Policy, and Responsibilities for the planning of construction and renovation projects are described in Item 600-15 of the UCSF administrative policy manual. The UCSF campus also affirms the University's commitment to green building principles as it complies with The UC Sustainable Practices Policy in the planning and design of its major new construction and renovation projects.

Project Planning Process
Most large-scale construction and renovation projects involve six major types of planning tasks, as described in the Project Planning Process. A major task includes the preparation and approval of Project Planning Guides (or PPGs) which are documents that describe scope, budget, funding and schedule for all capital projects greater than $750,000.

Small Scale Projects
Planning staff provide planning services and prepare Project Planning Guides (PPGs) for smaller-scale (under $5 million) construction and renovation projects initiated by clients. Clients seeking more information on how to obtain capital project services and initiate such projects should go to the website of the Capital Programs unit. To initiate projects at the UCSF Medical Center, please contact the responsible building manager.

Major Capital Projects
On new larger-scale building projects, Space & Capital Planning starts the process by leading in master planning and feasibility studies (including site studies and conceptual design) and is responsible for coordinating the programming of the project. The unit also prepares PPGs, CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) documentation, Regent's Items for initial project approval, and State submittals (via UCOP). Project managers from Capital Programs prepare the total project budget, develop the schedule, and lead the process through phases of design and construction. Similarly, project managers from the UCSF Medical Center Design and Construction group perform equivalent services for clinical enterprise projects.

Major Infrastructure Improvement Projects
On new large-scale infrastructure projects, Capital Programs leads in planning and feasibility studies and is responsible for developing the project scope. Space & Campus Planning prepares the PPGs, CEQA documentation, Regent's Items for initial project approval, and State submittals (via UCOP). Capital Programs prepares the total project budget, develops the schedule, and leads the process through phases of design and construction.

Need to start a Construction Project?
If your department or unit needs new space or changes made to existing space, find out more about what to do by going to Capital Programs or to your building manager at the UCSF Medical Center.