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UCSF Campus Administrative Policy 600-20 establishes guidelines for the creation, installation, and maintenance of campus signs. The policy was created to ensure that campus signage meets requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to establish a consistent identity for UCSF throughout all of its campus sites, and to assure consistency in campus sign systems. The policy applies to all UCSF entities, including the Medical Center, and to all campus sites. Policy 600-20 can be found on the UCSF Administrative Policy Website. Compliance with the policy is mandatory.

In order to simplify the process of ordering new and replacement campus signs and to ensure that they are in compliance with Campus Sign Policy, the UCSF Signage Standards Manual and Ordering Catalog is available - please contact Campus Planning. The online catalog includes an order form that departments can use to order signs through the Facilities Management Customer Service Center at 476-2021. Medical Center departments should order signs by faxing the form along with a Medical Center Facilities Work Request to either the Parnassus or Mount Zion Medical Center Facilities Department

Questions regarding the Campus Sign Policy and the Signage Standards Manual and Ordering Catalog may be directed to Campus Planning at 476-2911, Box 0286.

University Development and Alumni Relations has prepared Donor Signage Guidelines to ensure consistent and appropriate recognition of major donors to UCSF and consistency with UCSF’s Signage Standards Manual and Ordering Catalog.

Questions about Medical Centers signage can be directed to: http://pathway.ucsfmedicalcenter.org/.

Questions regarding the Donor Signage Guidelines may be directed to University Development and Alumni Relations at 476-6922, Box 0248.