Kevin Beauchamp

Executive Director, Physical Planning
  • Long Range Development Plan
  • Land Use Plans
  • Site and New Facility Evaluations
  • California Environmental Quality Act

Gabriela Cardona

Capital Planner
  • Develops project approval documentation for campus and Medical Center capital projects with budgets of $10 million or less
  • Works with project managers to confirm consistency of space programs with UCSF standards and practices
  • Works on annual updates to the ten-year capital plans

Tammy Chan

Senior Planner, Physical Planning
  • Long Range Development Plan
  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Study
  • Transportation-related project coordination
  • California Environmental Quality Act coordination

Craig Culver

Building Auditor, Space Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • Assist with Space Analytics
  • Identify and correct floor plan inaccuracies
  • Data analytics
  • Reporting from Archibus

Tracy Dudman

Principal Institutional Space Planner
  • Works with schools and departments to resolve space needs
  • Develops processes for improving responses to space requests
  • Supports space committees with development and implementation of space policies

Cara Fladd

Director, Space & Capital Planning
  • Ten-Year Capital Financial Plan and Annual Update for State-Funded Capital Improvements
  • Liaison with UCOP on approvals of capital projects
  • Staff to UCSF Space Committee and Space Subcommittee
  • Space Requests, Analyses, and Studies

Paul Franke

Principal Planner, Physical Planning
  • Long Range Development Plan
  • Campus demographics / mapping
  • Sustainability
  • Utilities and Infrastructure

Joy Glasier

Senior Planner, Physical Planning
  • LRDP
  • Site and landscape studies
  • Planning for campus housing, child care, parking, circulation and open space

Lisa Lettau

Business System Analyst, Space Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • Maintain and support UCSF Campus Space Management System
  • Reporting (canned and ad-hoc requests) and data analytics
  • Support existing and establish new standards for Space Data
  • Training and communications for end users

Alicia Murasaki

Assistant Vice Chancellor – Campus Planning
  • Directs the work of the Physical Planning, Space Planning, and Capital Planning teams

Sharon Priest

Assistant Director, Space & Capital Planning
  • Planner for Laurel Heights & MCB space initiatives
  • Planner for Mission Bay Research Building (Block 23A)
  • Staff to UCSF Space Committee and Space Sub-Committee
  • Space Requests, Analyses, and Studies
  • Approval documentation for campus and Medical Center capital projects

Luis Vite

Space and Operations Analyst
  • Supports Mission Hall and the in-construction Center for Vision Neuroscience on Block 33
  • Works with building contacts/occupants and departments/schools/campus units to document space assignments, optimize efficient use of space, and to communicate updates to appropriate groups
  • Works with occupants to ensure understanding of space use, technologies, infrastructure, and policies in open plan workspace
  • Works with Facilities Manager, especially for building-wide support, but is not the direct line to maintenance and repair requests

Diane Wong

Principal Planner, Physical Planning
  • California Environmental Quality Act Coordinator
  • Long Range Development Plan